Makin'....my mother, Virginia Sessoms, shared her love to create and design with me as a child. Her skills were expansive which included, but not limited to creating her own patterns, reupholstered furniture, and being the go to person in our family to make attire for special occassions. She was so impressive and precise with what she made even without formal training. Momo came to be in 2007 when my granddaughter, Briana, decided she rather address me as this instead of Grandmom. With over 30 years of retail management experience and customer service I am pouring my creativity and love into Momo's Makin

Momo's Makin enjoys creating statement pieces to be worn, decorate your personal space and gift giving. For more than five years we have provided quality merchandise and personalized items to our diverse customer base. Our inventory includes embellished home decor, statement tees, scarfs, totes, earrings, silk robes and so much more. Momo's Makin designs personalized and unique creations to be enjoyed and loved!